Proclaiming liberty is Freedom House’s first mandate according to > ISAIAH 61:1-4

To free those spiritually imprisoned, to heal the broken hearted and to comfort those who grieve

To encourage and motivate them so their eyes can see their true condition, that they may repent and find true liberty in the light of God



Releasing destiny is Freedom House’s second mandate according to > EPHESIANS 2:10

To empower believers to go forth in their gifts and talents doing good works which the heavenly Father prepared in advance for His sons and daughters to fulfill

To experience the joy of life, fulfillment and satisfaction in their spiritual inheritance



Harvesting humanity is Freedom House’s third mandate according to > MATTHEW 9:37-38

To pray forth and prepare mature, obedient, hard workers for the great end-time harvest

To be friends of the Bridegroom, preparing His inheritance, His bride, for His coming