Auditing or Repeating FHM Schools for 2017-2018

Time for Another Round

Here it is—the beginning of August and there are hints of summer waning—really cool nights requiring more than a light sheet. Fall is already emerging—as we already sweep dead leaves off our balcony—and not just a few!

With autumn on the horizon, our thoughts migrate away from vacationing, picnicking, and sunbathing and move toward digging into something substantial so we can grow and mature in our personal, spiritual, and professional lives. You might be one of our former participants or graduates of Basic 1/Course 201 or Basic 2/Course 202 at Freedom House. Yet you find that some of the old wounds and the brokenness in your life are still festering or rearing their ugly heads. Maybe your professional work needs an added touch up with new, infused words from the Lord.

John Eldredge, our colleague in prayer ministry healing, says it quite clearly:

The human soul is a place of profound mysteries. … Do not be surprised or discouraged if you find that it takes more than one round of prayer. It didn’t take you a day to get into this mess. Sometimes you’ll have to pray again in a month, and then again in six months. Listen carefully: This doesn’t mean that “it didn’t work.” Quite often Christ comes back in our lives for a deeper work of healing. Even if you’re only eighteen, the sun has gone down a lot of times in your life; there’s a lot of past there. But if you’re fifty-eight, there’s a whole lot more past to your story. So be gracious, be patient; it doesn’t mean you’re blowing it if Christ brings it up again. It simply means it’s time for another round, and so you go back again through this exact process of repentance and deliverance and healing.

(From Free to Live. Bold added for emphasis.)

You might be the person that John is describing. We at Freedom House want to extend our invitation to you to revisit our prayer ministry courses for either your own personal healing or for your professional growth or for both. You can either audit or repeat our Courses 201 and 202. (These are the new titles of Basic 1 and 2 along with new lessons and new lectures.) Both Schools start Saturday, September 9th.

Apply by August 28th

We have developed two short Applications to make it easier for you to apply. See which one is appropriate for you:

STUDENT APPLICATIONS to Audit Course 201 or 202 – You already completed the course and earned your Elijah House Certificate.

  • Now you want to take the course again as a refresher for your personal healing and/or professional training.
  • This would be an “audit.”
  • The only requirement is attendance.


STUDENT APPLICATIONS to Repeat Course 201 or 202 – You did not complete the course and did not earn your Elijah House Certificate.

  • Now you would like to earn your Elijah House Certificate and complete the course for your personal healing and/or professional training.
  • This would be a “repeat.”
  • You are required to do all incomplete homework and to attend all 8 Days; you could only miss one-full day.


Please note the due date for all of these applications is Monday, August 28 meaning your application and down payment must be in FHM’s mailbox on that day to avoid the $35 late fee! Plan to mail your application by August 24 or 25 to meet the due date.

With these Audit and Repeat Applications for Course 201 & 202, you can purchase at a 20% savings any Optional Books that perhaps you did not purchase before; you will see that on the application. We assume you have the required textbooks from the previous School course that you attended. If you would want any of the updated course textbooks as outlined on the website, you can let us know as you can also purchase those at a 20% savings.

Look at FHM’s website to read the School schedule and the Curriculum Lesson Briefs:

Course 201 Info Course 202 Info

However, be sure to use the new Applications for Audit and Repeat.

Questions? Contact Us

If you need more help with this information or making your decision, feel free to contact Dorie Lorden, Freedom House Assistant, at or by cell 224-434-1200.

We do hope to see YOU at the Schools this school year for “another round” of God’s restorative grace, His divine deliverance from strongholds as we banish our enemies through the power of the Holy Spirit, and the healing balm that He pours into our woundedness and brokenness as only Jesus, our good Shepherd, can do.