Come and Step into Jordan

A few weeks ago I wrote an article titled “Stepping into Your Next Step” and was sharing with you that God the Father is calling each one of us to “step into” our next step: our next season, our next miracle, or our next unknown adventure in Him.

Naaman HealedThis message is a sequel to that article, and for those who are taking the time in reading this, please know God has something very endearing and appealing for you. He is asking YOU, His child, to trust Him in this next step of your life. You are standing on the banks of the Jordan and in this precise place you are purposely positioned in a holy place—a place of transition, a place of changeover, and a place of significance and importance. For this place, the Jordan River, is a place of new beginnings for YOU.   How many of us would like to have some new beginnings in our life? I know I would. What would your new beginnings look like for you? Would it be new challenges, new experiences, or new opportunities? Or maybe your new beginnings mean a new job. Or it could be a new home, being debt free, a new community of believers, or getting physically healed and cleansed like Naaman in 2 Kings 5 in the Jordan.


Friends, please hear with your heart and listen with your spiritual ears. There is a shift that is happening in God’s people. The Father is saying this is the hour and the day for YOU to come into the Jordan and be washed and cleansed as well as healed. This is a time when the Father is inviting YOU, to begin a new journey of hope and healing by “stepping into” the Jordan River. Though there have been many disappointments and you have lost some of your zeal and passion, the Father is saying He wants to rekindle your heart and life and renew your first love once again. This is a time in your life for cleansing, healing and new life; the Jordan represents for you a place of healing, hope and new life. A place in which to connect with the true Messiah, a place to be baptized in His presence of love and new beginnings.   A place where we will gain new understandings and new revelations of our God.

There is a purification that is happening among His people, among the churches and even in our government. God wants you and me to have our new life in the Promised Land (on this side of eternity) and to enter into that place of new beginnings.


For many, like the Israelites, it has seemed like you have been in the wilderness—a place where life is just difficult, struggles seem to be a steady diet. In this wilderness, it seems all we do is walk, walk, and walk never seemingly arriving at our destination.   This wilderness experience brings confusion, temptation, and exhaustion, as well as deep sorrow. Listen up friends! This wilderness experience is coming to an end! This wilderness is no longer giving room for you to wander because you are at the banks of the Jordan, ready and willing to “step into” the Jordan and ready and willing to experience new beginnings. These new beginning will set your feet to dancing, will cause you to arise and shine, and will release you into the Promised Land.

Your Jordan is the boundary between your wilderness and your Promised Land. It is the obstacle standing between you and the Promised Land. Your promised land is in sight. You know what God’s promises are, what His truth is, and what He has spoken through His Spirit to you. However, we are often like the Israelites who, standing at the Jordan, saw a river in flood stage, overflowing its banks. There was no low water crossing in sight. They could not go around the river; there were no bridges, so they also could not go over it. The way was blocked. The river was impassable.

Yet God the Father is calling you, inviting you, and encouraging you to “step into” the water so that HE can act on your behalf. You may have many questions, like the Israelites, but the Father is saying that all your questions, doubts, and fears will be washed away as you “step into” the Jordan River. The water will not part until WE step out in faith and “step into” the water.


Crossing Jordan 2One step is all it took for the Israelites! As soon as their feet were dipped in the edge of the water, God acted—the flowing waters stood still, there was dry land, and all the people crossed over. With that one step, they followed the ark of God’s presence into the Jordan, and we can, too.

Joshua 3:11-13 – Just watch the sacred chest that belongs to the Lord, the ruler of the whole earth. As soon as the priests carrying the chest “step into” the Jordan, the water will stop flowing and pile up as if someone had built a dam across the river. (Translation – CEV)

Now this is your divine moment! Your next step into the Jordan will be a game changer for you. Don’t hesitate, don’t vacillate, and don’t fluctuate for this is the hour, this is the day, and this is the moment when He is saying . . .

Come and Step into your destiny

Step into your Promised Land

Step into your wholeness

Step into a higher realm of His glory

Step into the unknown

Step into awaited favor

Step into your miracle

Step into the fullness of life

Step into maturity

Step into intimacy

Step into dependency

Step into God’s supply

Step into your blessing

Step into your future

Step into your physical, emotional, and relational healing

Step into your Jordan with Jesus!

Crossing Jordan 7







Freedom House would love to bless you in this season and time in your life. We would like to place your Jordan River in front of you so that you may take that next step into the river. Freedom House will be having a Prophetic Conference “Stepping into Prophetic Destiny with Joseph & Heather Zupetz from Z Ministries Thursday August 11thr through Saturday, August 13th 2016.





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