Cynthia Collins

Cynthia Collins Freedom House Ministry


Her Passion:

What ignites Cynthia’s heart in prayer counseling ministry is the level of discernment and hearing from God that He has for the individuals He places in her path and all that He reveals to her for ministry to them. She is a passionate and observant counselor. She wants to be used to help women find the peace of God that resonates with their purpose for the season of their lives that they are in—coming out of the struggles and into newness of life.

Her Mission Statement:

Cynthia is a person who loves to learn; new information excites her! As a prayer counselor, she is constantly learning and relearning God’s biblical principles for life. In addition to that, the Holy Spirit presents to her new opportunities to use these tools effectively everyday. Further through meditating on the Word of God daily and building strong prayer alliances, she is building her competence in discerning God’s voice for fervent and loving ministry to others.

Her Specialties:

Cynthia’s desire is to support women who are recovering from significant emotional loss, grief, and anxiety, and who consequently feel stuck. She works to shorten their process of anxiety and grieving, which is holding them back, through prayer counseling and providing godly direction for healing. She is also prepared to help these women strategize new goals and develop skills to move forward. Cynthia is seeking additional training to work with those who struggle with substance abuse. She believes God is leading her to help these people in the realization of God’s purpose and plan for this season of their lives.

Her Background:

Cynthia has recovered from a long episode of grief, which has suitably prepared her to empathize with those who are devastated by loss. Over a period of four years, she suffered a number of losses: a job through the changing economy; her home; her mother to cancer; and a devastating loss of her brother to a tragic death. Given her upbringing of being the family caregiver, she was determined that through these times of great loss, she would not be any different. Abandoning self-care, she made sure everyone around her was doing well. Unfortunately, this way of life led to full fatigue and ultimately depression. This in turn led to Cynthia’s own life-changing counseling experience with Freedom House Ministry (FHM). Out of the ashes of her painful losses have come her own healing and consequently the passion to bring others along this journey to wholeness and renewed life.

Her Roots:

She grew up on the Southside of Chicago. From childhood, she had trained herself to be self-sufficient, and being the eldest of five children, she always filled the role of caretaker. As an adult, Cynthia has served as a Respite Volunteer, relieving caregivers so they can take a break from caring for ill family members. She has also worked with Vitas Hospice Care, providing relief for caregivers who care for family members who are in hospice. Further, Cynthia has volunteered with Volunteer Advocates for Seniors as a temporary guardian for institutionalized individuals who lack support.

Her Training:

Cynthia has successfully completed Elijah House Basic I and Basic II Facilitated Video Schools for Prayer Ministry and the FHM Internship. She has served for five years as a small group leader in FHM Basic 1 and II Schools (now called Course 201 and Course 202). Cynthia holds a Bachelors of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies from Governor State University. She is also a Certified Life Purpose Coach with Life Purpose Coaching Centers International.

Her Family:

Married with no children. She is helping to raise a five-year old niece, who has become the apple of her eye!

Cynthia Collins Provides the Following Prayer Counseling Sessions:

  • Two-hour (or more) sessions
  • Online by Skype or FaceTime


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