Her Passion:

Out of a sincere love for God’s word, Melliney Saltarelli has a passion to release the Father’s love and the love of Jesus to each individual heart when she ministers. Through her own struggles and losses, God has endued her with compassion and mercy for the broken, sin-filled, terrified, and hurting.


Her Mission Statement:

Melliney calls herself a “bag lady” on a mission for the Lord.  Having been given many coats, many bags, and many pitchers through the years, she discovered that God had given her many gifts to use for His glory.  Loaded with a sense of humor and faith, God has taught her that all our trials and tribulations are opportunities for Him to turn our hearts towards Him so that He can make something beautiful and glorious out of them.



Her Specialties:

Having been set free of debilitating depression, despair, discouragement, resentment and bitterness from her family of origin, Melliney’s life ministry is one of seeing other people set free from the same issues through the truth of God’s Word. Whether it is prophesying, listening, praying, delivering, writing, or walking in inner healing, God has anointed her with a keen sense of wisdom and discernment to get to the heart of your issues. Further, much of her ministry is one-on-one, effectively helping you overcome and let go of your ungodly beliefs, lies, and the emotional and spiritual bondage of bitterness, rejection, insecurity, shame, and resentment.


Her Background:

She has been in leadership for many years, serving in her church as Bible Study Leader, Women’s Ministry Leader, Mentor, facilitator of various studies, or servant helper as God leads.  Melliney is exceedingly gifted at leading praise and worship and intercession for individuals, families, Israel, and the nation. Always led by the Holy Spirit in her relationships and encounters, people leave feeling refreshed, healed, and blessed through her spirit-led and biblically based leadership

Her Roots:

During the mid-eighties, following the birth of her third child, Melliney almost died from a bacterial infection.  Promising to return to the Lord if He would allow her to live, she was saved and filled with the Holy Spirit within the year.  From then on she went after the Word of God with a passion for herself and for others, seeking after the truth that sets people free. Most of Melliney’s life has been devoted to volunteer activities in her community and church. Recently she has become involved in compassion and justice ministries at her church as well as facilitating growth groups.  A fair cook, she finds herself feeding the hungry, whether they are on the streets of Chicago or the sailors at a nearby Naval Base.


Her Training:

Having earned a Bachelor of Science in Social Studies Education and a Masters degree in Architecture, she learned shortly after she was saved that only God could satisfy and that these tools she had in her pocket of building and teaching were to be used for Kingdom purposes. Melliney has successfully completed Elijah House Basic I and II Facilitated Video Schools for Prayer Ministry and the Freedom House Ministry (FHM) Internship program.  She has served for 3 years as a small group leader in FHM schools.  Additional training includes completing Sozo training, intercessory prayer training, 1-2-1 mentoring training, and attending various Crisis Response training schools for First Responders to emergencies.


Her Family:

Having been married for 45 years, Melliney has 3 grown children and 4 grandsons, numerous “granddogs,” and lots of experience gardening, playing tennis, cross country skiing, and participating in as many outdoor activities as time allows.

Melliney Saltarelli Provides the Following Prayer Counseling Sessions:

Two hours at a time

  • In Person at her home in Deerfield, IL.
  • Online via Facetime.


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