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Her Passion:

Many people, especially women, are often suffering in silence. Monica Scott will understand your feelings, that you are hurting and in deep emotional pain without a voice or someone to hear that voice. Her passion for you, the wounded, comes out of her own difficult journey. Monica explains: “I also spent many years this way not knowing where to turn, but I was introduced to Freedom House where I gained my self-worth and learned that my past failures and negative experiences were not the true me. I received my healing and freedom to live a fulfilled life. I am called to connect with hurting women to give you what Freedom House and God have given to me—healing and a new life.”

Her Mission Statement:

Out of her own healing and her professional training, it’s Monica’s mission to see women, like yourself, who are suffering in silence, who are hurting, and who are in emotional pain, be set free to fulfill their God-given destinies. Her approach to Prayer Counseling is with a genuine heart of love and compassion, working intimately with the Holy Spirit from a Biblical worldview to bring you from brokenness to wholeness.

Her Specialties:

Monica is gifted in working with women and families in crisis, specializing in the areas of rejection, depression, physical and/or emotional abuse, marriage, and divorce. She has effectively counseled women in trauma, married couples in crisis, facilitated group counseling in a drug rehabilitation center, mentored troubled girls, and served on the domestic violence crisis line. Most people view Monica as humble and teachable, learning from many confrontational situations to be a good listener, which is the best way to communicate with you in the midst of your problem. Monica listens to understand and to let you know that you are heard. She is known as Monica the Peacemaker and truth seeker.


Her Background:

Monica was a teacher for 20 years before she left the classroom to become an educational consultant where she developed parent programs that supported troubled families. Additionally, she has had special training in domestic violence intervention and advocacy in order to help women and children, who have been commercially and sexually exploited, to heal from their trauma. Over the years, Monica especially has enjoyed working with women and families in crisis. Monica is a born again believer who is passionate about the Word of God.

Her Roots:

Monica was born and raised on the Southside of Chicago. After high school, she attended college, majoring in fashion. Saved at age 16, she began ministry with Young Women for Christ, feeding the homeless, visiting hospitalized children, and even fellowshipping with youth in prison. These experiences changed her life. When she became a single mom to a handsome baby boy, life was suddenly bigger than she was, and she needed a big God, finally finding that Jesus was indeed her rock and her ultimate provider! Later Monica married and had a baby girl. Finding herself in an unhealthy, toxic marriage, she decided to leave with her two children and the clothes on her back! With God’s help, she started all over again and has been greatly blessed, becoming, both personally and professionally, very successful.

Her Training:

Monica’s training in Prayer Counseling includes certification from completing Elijah House Video Facilitated Basic I and Basic II Prayer Counseling training, and Freedom House Ministry 6-day intensive Internship, including 25 hours of observation. Further, she has been trained in domestic violence intervention and advocacy, in commercial sexual exploitation of women and children, and in working with women in trauma. Monica has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a teaching degree. She will soon complete a Master of Education in Educational Leadership. In spite of all her training, she likes to say: “Without the Holy Spirit I can do nothing.”

Her Family:

Monica resides in Chicago along with her son and daughter. She visits her parents on a regular basis and has many cousins she likes to spend time with. She’s devoted to family and making the world a better place.

Monica Scott Provides the Following Prayer Counseling Sessions:

One hour at a time, or more upon request.

  • Online by Skype.
  • In her office in Maywood, Illinois



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