Her Passion:

Rose Marie Borrelli’s passion is to bring lasting change and transformation to the lives of hurting and wounded individuals and families. The goal is to help you come to know your true purpose in Christ Jesus and the plan He has for your life.

Her Mission Statement:

Rose Marie is a spiritual mother in the family of God, bringing a deeply compassionate mother’s heart to her prayer counseling ministry. Her goal is to always teach you the Five R’s for Healing: Recognition of areas of bondage, Repentance of sin, Release into new destiny, Reckon as dead old ways of behaving, and Resurrect to new life. She shares these biblical truths in an empathetic, gentle way resulting in the Holy Spirit bringing conviction and repentance to the heart of her clients.

Her Specialties:

Out of Rose Marie’s own healing from darkness and grief pain due to her very dysfunctional childhood and out of her extensive training and experience, she is now able to bring God’s Truth to adult singles, married couples, and children suffering from: denial, wounded burden-bearing hearts, co-dependency, rejection and neglect, adult children of alcoholics, and poor self-esteem to mention a few areas. It’s her joy and privilege to see you walk out into your true destiny and calling.

She also has had great success and extensive experience in bringing healing to the following issues and core problems: anxiety, fear, sexual integrity, grief and loss, depression, parenting challenges, postpartum depression, trauma recovery, internalized anger issues, bullying and violence (with children), anorexia, and divorce recovery.

Her Background:

Rose Marie was the founder of Freedom House Ministry (FHM) at the age of 63. She has been a seminar speaker and Bible teacher for groups of all ages. In the 90’s, she became a pastor with the International Assemblies of God. Among other teachings, Rose Marie has also taught a foundational class on biblical bitter root principles for teens at Family Fellowship Christian School. Finally, she has taught 300 FHM video facilitated Schools, including graduating around 100 students from the Internship Program which she established, creating and/or compiling over 500 professional documents for the program. Now over 84 years of age, she is still active as a Prayer Counselor including phone and correspondence ministry, Counselor Consultant, Lead Intercessor, and is a FHM Board Member.

Her Roots:

Rose Marie grew up in the Taylor Street neighborhood of Chicago known as “Little Italy.” She was born again when she attended Billy Graham’s famous, 1964 crusade in Chicago and has been spirit-filled since 1971. She began a Charismatic Prayer Group in her church soon after receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Eventually, she moved to an area in Chicago near Oak Park, IL where she resides to this day.

Her Training:

A graduate of John and Paula Sandford’s Prayer Counseling Schools at Elijah House in Idaho, she was privileged to sit under live teaching by the Sandfords. Rose Marie is a graduate of Elijah House Advanced Training as well. She has completed an in-depth Psychology Course, in Pecos, NM. Additionally, she has studied at length Christian Dream Interpretation, taking an advanced course in Tolentine, Illinois, and is an expert in this field.

Her Family:

Rose Marie is the mother of three beyond-helpful adult children, grandmother to three attentive, respectful, appreciative adult grandchildren, and great grandmother to two precious grandsons. She also has countless “spiritual” children.

Rose Marie Borrelli Provides the Following Prayer Counseling Sessions:

  • One-hour sessions
  • One-and-one-half hour marital sessions
  • Sessions are held in her home office in Chicago, Illinois.


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