Vision and Purpose for Course 201 School

Elijah House Ministry’s Video Schools were created from the ministry of John and Paula Sandford. In prayerfully planned, instructional and ministry settings, they impart keys of knowledge, opening the heart to receive truth and renewing the mind, that result in life transformation through Christ. Led by the Holy Spirit, we are co-workers with Christ, working to restore broken and hurting hearts, reconciling relationships. In keeping with the Elijah House mission, our vision for the school is to equip, encourage, and release Ambassadors for Christ
(2 Corinthians 5:18 – 20), who will pick up His mantle and continue His mission of restoration and healing.

School Goals

  • To provide a safe setting for building relationships, learning, and practicing prayer ministry in small groups
  • To provide a Scriptural foundation for Christ-centered inner healing (sanctification and transformation)
  • To offer students the opportunity to experience personal healing through small group ministry from
    their peers
  • To teach, model, and provide opportunity to practice ministry to one another according to the Word of God and in the power and sensitivity of Christ through the Holy Spirit

Who Should Attend the School?

This school is for any layman, pastor, Christian leader, counselor, or therapist, seeking experience in prayer ministry and healing from life’s hurts, and desire to begin restoring healthy relationships with God and others.


We also offer options for repeating or auditing a course. Learn more.


What Can I Expect From This Course?

This school will help you discover scriptural answers to many searching questions we all have about life, God, and ourselves. Have you ever wondered why you think, feel, speak, and act the way you do? Have you ever wondered why things happen in your lives and relationships the way they do, and why God allows certain things to happen? Jesus desires to bring you into wholeness through true change and to break through long-standing areas of your life. He wants to equip you with greater vision and hope for the future…to take you into a deeper, more exciting and fulfilling love relationship with Him…and to prepare, empower, and release you into a new anointing to minister to others.

With each lesson, you will gain understanding, be given principles of healing, and begin the healing process. Because we are dealing with the hearts of people, the school can, at times, be very intense. Personal responses to teaching and small group interaction may include, but are certainly not limited to, some of the following: expression of anger, prejudices and resentments; apprehension; anxiety; insomnia; depression; dissociation; etc. Because of time restraints and group process, all of your personal life issues will not be dealt with during the course of the school, but some healing will happen. This is a life-long process. We simply give you the tools to further your healing, restore your relationships, and minister to others. Many seek further ministry once the school is complete. If you feel there are already significant life issues that need to be addressed, prayer ministry or counseling prior to your enrollment in the school is advisable and always beneficial.

Course 201 Brochure (PDF)

Course 201 Schedule (PDF)

COURSE 201 Curriculum Lesson Briefs

••• Biblical Basis of Elijah House Ministry
True healing isn’t fixing something that is broken so it’s good enough to work; it’s being freed from its power so it can no longer rule us. God’s laws and principles affect sanctification and transformation in our lives. The cross of Christ and His shed blood are the means to stop the sinful habits that plague our daily lives. (Psa 19:7a NAS)

••• Bitter Root Judgments and Expectancies
Judgments are not only conscious actions, but also lodged in our heart, repressed and unexpressed. Once formed, judgments reap negative results. Bitter roots defile, and may be the most powerful negative force in our lives, bringing destruction to ourselves and those around us. Only through repentance at the cross can they be removed. (Heb 12:14-15 NAS)

••• Ministry Tools #1– The Simplest Tools
There is no formula for how to do prayer ministry! One size does not fit all. Students will learn ministry skills, but more importantly how to read the heart, and then combine ministry skills and heart messages into the one-of-a-kind approach each person deserves. (Isa 52:7a NIV)

••• Inner Vows
When we hurt, we often vow to do something to keep ourselves from ever being hurt again. But since inner vows spring from bitterness, they don’t protect us at all. Instead, they lock us into behaviors we don’t want. Renouncing inner vows at the cross sets us free. (Matt 5:34, 37 NIV)

••• Heart and Mind
What is the difference between living from the head and living from the heart? And what is the heart anyway? Why do some people soak up love, while others are unable to accept or even feel love? A new understanding of heart and mind will change the way we see prayer ministry. (Prov 4:23 NIV)

••• Ministry Tools #2 – Following the Holy Spirit
Many people ask the question, “Why doesn’t God ever speak to me?”, but a better question would be, “How do I hear God?” Learn how to hear God, the many ways He speaks, what inhibits your hearing, and how to integrate what you hear into the prayer ministry setting. (Ro 8:27 NIV)

••• Foundational Lies
In reaction to hurt, we often form lies about God, the world, others, and ourselves. God created each one of us with our own “song.” Foundational lies silence that song. This lesson explores foundational lies—what they are, how they affect us, and how to get free from them. (John 14:6, Psa 51:6 NIV)

••• Bitter Fruits
Bitter fruits are the negative present-day patterns of behavior that spring from bitter roots. Before we look for bitter roots, we must learn why it’s important to fully understand bitter fruits. (Matt 7:20 NAS)

••• Ministry Tools #3– Interviewing
At times it’s important to just get to know the person.  Learn interviewing tools: active listening, open ended questions, and following the Holy Spirit to discover the root. (Prov 20:5 NIV)

••• Accomplishing Forgiveness
Until forgiveness is affected in the heart, the law of sowing and reaping must roll on to its inevitable conclusion. Forgiveness is central to being made whole. This lesson makes the necessity of forgiveness clear, and how to accomplish it. (Matt 6:12 NAS)

••• Repentance and Restitution
True repentance requires not only confession of wrongdoing, but understanding how sin hurts others and God, and willingness to make restitution that heals the hearts of those we have wounded. (II Cor 7:10 NIV)

••• Rightly Expressing Emotions
We are often taught to believe that certain emotions are wrong. We repress, hide, or deny them, instead of accepting them as God-given messengers. This lesson reveals how to bring emotions into the light, process and truly resolve them. (Matt 26:37 NAS)

••• Honoring Father and Mother – Resurrection Side of Healing

Honoring father and mother involves more than forgiving them. We need to see not only the bad they have done to us, but who God designed them to be, and learn to maximize that without minimizing our own pain. This will cultivate in us a heart that can honor others in all of our relationships. (Deut 5:16 NIV, I Peter 3:9 NIV)

••• Unmet Needs
When basic human needs go unmet, we may believe lies about and form bitter roots toward ourselves and others. This lesson deals with identifying needs, the results of believing the lies, and finally, the healing that leads to wholeness. (Psa 12:5 NAS)

••• Shame
Shame causes us to build walls of protection around our heart, and hide from God and others. This lesson explores how shame affects our lives, families, churches, generations and culture, and how to find its root causes so that we may effectively minister and bring healing. (Heb 12:2 NKJV)

••• Praying to Release Trauma
Trauma comes in many forms: physical, loss, betrayal, etc. This lesson defines trauma, explains why some people are more susceptible to it, and reveals how to pray to release it. (Psa 34:17-19 NAS)

••• Burden-Bearing

This lesson explores the character and experience of persons whose temperament causes them to attune themselves to others and pick up unwanted burdens, and how wounding occurs when this is done in the flesh. It also explains how to bring healing so that burden bearers are lifted up, not weighed down, as they carry to the cross in prayer only those burdens which only God places on our shoulders. (II Cor 4:10-12 NAS)

••• Deliverance and Inner Healing
This lesson shows how demons take advantage of root issues, and how dealing with roots lays the groundwork for casting away demons. It also lays out principles for effective and lovingly administered deliverance. (Matt 12:43-45 NIV)

••• Performance Orientation
Our mind and spirit may know the free gift of salvation, while our heart retains its habit of earning love by performance. There is a way to escape that trap. (Gal 3:1-3 NAS)

••• Parental Inversion and Substitute Mate
Some of us grow up taking care of our parents, rather than vice-versa. This can cause all sorts of bad fruit in our adult lives. This lesson discusses how to heal the effects of taking on a role that was never our own. (II Cor 12:14 NAS)

••• Reconciling with God – Healing Spiritual Rebellion
Do you accept the life God has given you—your face and body, talents, family, country, etc.? Discover the fruit of spiritual rebellion, and how to turn and embrace life. (Prov 19:3 NIV)

••• How We See God
If our hearts are pure, we are able to comprehend the glorious nature of God, and relate to Him in blessed intimacy. But judgments toward parents and others can color our perceptions of Him. Repenting of these judgments enables us to see God as He is. (Matt 5:8 NAS)

••• Common Errors in Prayer Ministry
This lesson describes some of the many mistakes prayer ministers make, and how to avoid them. (Prov 25:11 NAS)

••• Sealing Our Healing
Prayer and healing are not “magic,” nor can they be substitutes for the work of discipleship to which He calls us. This lesson illustrates numerous disciplines by which we can maintain our healing and strengthen new and healthy patterns to replace the old. (Heb 12:11-13 NIV)

••• Reconciliation
Who are you at odds with? What have you done to reconcile? The very goal of inner healing is reconciliation with God and others. This lesson explores the good guy/bad guy roles we so often assign, and how to use our healing to free others from these. (Psa 133:1-3 NAS)

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Attendance Requirements:

Plan to attend all dates, only one date can be missed. If more dates are missed, you will not be able to graduate with an Elijah House certificate. You may receive a generic certificate of completion, but this will not provide you what you need to go on to the Basic 2 School at Elijah House or Freedom House.

Location For All Course 201 Classes:

Kingsland Properties [ map ]

25W560 Geneva Road
Carol Stream, IL 60188

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Course 201 Registration:

All application forms must be received by post office mail no later than August 28, 2017, submitted with a minimum of the down payment of $260 per single student or $400 per couple, either by check or by PayPal.  The balance is due the first day of school, September 9, 2017.

  • An additional $35 fee will be assessed for late registration or late payment beginning on August 29, 2017.

Course 201 Detailed School Costs:

Singles Couples
Elijah House Tuition $99.00 $198.00
Course Manual $50.00 $100.00
Six Course Textbooks $90.00 $90.00
Shipping/Handling $15.00 $20.00
Facilitators Fee $225.00 $380.00
Total* $479.00 $788.00


*Online Registrations – Add $15 Singles / $25 Couples for PayPal™ fee

Course 201 Registration

Singles – via PayPal:
*FULL FEE: $494 Full fee payment received by registration deadline of August 28, 2017

*DEPOSIT ONLY: $260 Deposit received by registration deadline of August 28, 2017

*BALANCE DUE: $234 Balance received by or on first day of class September 9, 2017

Couples – via PayPal:
*FULL FEE: $813 Full fee payment received by deadline of August 28, 2017

*DEPOSIT ONLY: $400 Deposit received by deadline of August 28, 2017

*BALANCE DUE: $413 Balance received by or on first day of class September 9, 2017


Make checks payable to Freedom House Ministries and mail to:
Freedom House Ministries
c/o The Andersen’s
3217 S Scoville Ave
Berwyn, IL 60409-3546

Email Mari Anne at
Phone: 708.656.3658

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Year Schedule
Course 201, an 8-session course with classes held one Saturday a month
September 9, 2017
October 14, 2017
November 11, 2017
December 2, 2017
January 13, 2018
February 10, 2018
March 10, 2018
April 14, 2018
May 19, 2018  Graduation Event

Daily Schedule
••• 8:00 am – 5:30 pm
••• 3 Video Lectures with Q & A Time
••• 2 Small Groups for Discussion & Prayer
••• Ministry
••• Lunch Break [1.5 hrs]

Kingsland Properties [ map ]

25W560 Geneva Road
Carol Stream, IL 60188

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Required Course Texts Books
Text Books Used In Course 201 School:

Transforming the Inner Man
By John & Paula Sandford
(Paperback, 221 Pages) The life you where created for is within your grasp! This book will show you God’s powerful principles for inner healing and lasting life change. If you feel like something is holding you back from being the person God made you to be… If you feel stuck dealing with the same old sins over and over again… Then John and Paula Sandford want you to know that total transformation is possible. Transforming the Inner Man – book one of four in The Transformation Series – outlines the steps for true, lasting change in your life by reaching to the depths of your heart with the power of the cross and the resurrection. Here you will discover:  Why is transformation within each believer crucial for reaching full maturity in Christ? Why is forgiveness so important for well-being?  How do you break negative habits and eliminate them from your life?  How can you experience peace and spiritual growth despite the sin happening around you? The ministry to the inner man
is not merely a tool to heal a few troubled individuals; it is a vital key to the transformation of the heart of every Christian! Transforming the Inner Man is your road map to spiritual growth and improved emotional health.
God’s Power to Change
By John & Paula Sandford
(Paperback, 272 Pages) Awaken and restore your spirit for lasting life change! Experience deep, inner transformation that makes it possible to experience all God has for you. Fear of rejection, loneliness, depression, grief, isolation – everyone experiences these feelings at some time in life. Many wonder why their lives don’t demonstrate the victorious living that they desire, with questions like: Why can’t I overcome this area in my life?  Why is it so difficult for me to change?  Why do I keep falling into the same destructive patterns? In God’s Power to Change – book two of four in The Transformation Series – you will learn, in simple ways, how to reach and heal your inner spirit and the spirit of each person to whom you minister. This foundational book introduces the realities of wounds and sins that exist in our personal spirits and gives principles for awakening, repairing, and restoring the spirit into healing. God’s Power to Change is your road map to spiritual growth and improved emotional health. Learn how to relate in wholeness and worship God in total abandonment!
Letting Go of Your Past
By John & Paula Sandford
(Paperback, 227 Pages) Transform your past to victory! You have the choice. Your past contains a wealth of relationships, experiences, lessons, and hurts. You can learn from them and use them as a foundation for a victorious future. Or you can let them use you – tainting your current relationships and hiding your ability to be the person you were created to be. In Letting Go of Your Past – book three of four in The Transformation Series – you will discover how past relationships and events are affecting your life today and what you can do to address them and find healing. By applying the scriptural principles in this book, you can confidently:  build and maintain healthy relationships with family members, create the right balance between “bearing one another’s burdens” and allowing healthy separation as you empower others to grow and flourish, find true oneness in your marriage, become an effective, contributing member of society. Letting Go of Your Past is your road map to spiritual growth and improved emotional health. Learn how to relate in wholeness and worship God in total abandonment!
Growing Pains
By John & Paula Sandford
(Paperback, 221 Pages) Overcome life’s earliest experiences and become all God wants you to be! Are you trying to live for God but struggling with issues and emotions you don’t understand? Become all God wants you to be when you deal with the negative feelings that have their roots in your earliest life experiences. Growing Pains, the fourth and final book in The Transformation Series, helps you tackle unresolved issues like insecurity, anger, disappointment, or emptiness that remain from negative experiences in your early years. It gives steps for identifying the root causes of your problems and outlines principles for dealing with them once and for all. As you learn to identify and heal your own hurts, you will also discover how to proactively help the children in your life – setting them on the road to happy, healthy, productive lives from the start. Growing Pains is your road map to spiritual growth and improved emotional health. Learn how to relate in wholeness and worship God in total abandonment!
Restoring The Christian Family
By John Loren & Paula Sandford
(Paperback, 319 Pages) God is restoring families today, and Restoring the Christian Family is timely, prophetic and on the cutting edge. It is a clarion call to families and singles to return to biblical patterns in all relationships.
The Sandfords confront the issues facing families today with sound logic based on scriptural truth. In-depth insights from more than thirty years of counseling experience combine forcefully with helpful illustrations from the authors’ own family, providing valuable and practical wisdom for every reader who is concerned about his or her family. Restoring the Christian Family, a biblical guide to love, marriage, and parenting in a changing world, helps to fulfill the prophecy of Malachi “…And He shall return the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers…” (Mal. 4:6)

Deliverance & Inner Healing
By John and Mark Sandford
(Paperback, 378 pages) John and Mark Sandford bring practical insight into the field of deliverance ministry. The reconciliation of these two valid fields of ministry promises to bring new dimensions for healing in the Body of Christ.

These required course textbooks are included in the total cost of Course 201.