Vision and Purpose

The Internship Program was originally created out of the 30 years of Prayer Counseling Ministry experience of Founder Rose Marie Borrelli. Tommy and Mari Anne Andersen, current Directors, have added their years of Prayer Counseling Ministry experience to update and fine-tune the existing program, making it an exciting and growing internship experience.

This ministry carries a vision to develop a network of well-trained Prayer Counselors within our own ministry, all over Chicagoland, Illinois, and in nations around the world.  The purpose for this Internship Program is first, to recruit faithful men and women of character, who know their Heavenly Father and their own identity as His sons and daughters, who have received much healing and transformation in their own life, who are ripe and ready to be trained and mentored to become Prayer Counselors. Secondly, the purpose is to create a safe environment in an atmosphere of the Holy Spirit for the interns to grow in truth, knowledge and understanding, with a deepening ability to live in love and mercy being lead by the Holy Spirit.  The teachers will model this anointed lifestyle of love and truth in Prayer Counseling sessions, teachings, relationships, and the entire Internship experience, so the art of Prayer Counseling will not just be taught, but caught.

The reproducing of these quality Prayer Counselors is carefully and prayerfully planned, creating an experience for them that will have the right balance of heart- expanding encounters and mind-renewing insights. There will be instructional teachings of non-negotiable Biblical truth and an introductory understanding of some psychological conditions. They will learn how to develop appropriate ministry skills, while engaging the mind with keys of knowledge to be learned. This is balanced with the important focus of opening their own hearts and human spirits to receive the reality of truth deep inside, embracing how the Father sees them and the clients to whom they will minister. Letting the Father comfort away their own pain and healing their own hearts results in life transformation through the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Interns will be learning how to be led by the Holy Spirit – they will be co-workers with Christ, working to restore broken and hurting hearts, reconciling relationships, giving away what they themselves have received.


Prerequisites for the Internship

Having graduated with Elijah House Certificates from the Course 201 and Course 202 Schools or from the Basic 1 and Basic 2 schools, is a prerequisite to reviving your application for this Internship Training Program reviewed and excepted.

Prerequisites to Graduate from Internship ?

••• You may not miss any of the scheduled six days of training. If you miss any time, the training will need to be repeated.

••• You must have received at least ten hours of personal Prayer Counseling Ministry before Internship training start. (Previous Prayer Counseling Ministry received will count toward the ten hours if it can be documented.)

••• You must, after completing the six days Internship training, personally sit in with a Freedom House approved Prayer Counselor to observe and participate in Prayer Counseling Ministry serving others for at least twenty hours by Graduation Day.

••• Diplomas will be awarded when all the requirements have been met.



  • To provide a safe setting for building relationships, learning, and practicing Prayer Counseling ministry
  • To provide a scriptural foundation for Christ-centered, Holy Spirit led inner healing, sanctification and transformation ministry
  • To offer interns the opportunity to experience more personal healing through small group ministry from their peers and from Tommy and Mari Anne
  • To provide opportunities for interns to sit in on actual prayer counseling sessions with Tommy and Mari Anne
  • To provide opportunities for the interns to practice Prayer Counseling ministry in a team approach along with Tommy and Mari Anne
  • To provide introductory information on psychological conditions that may be encountered in Prayer Counseling ministry, how to recognize the signs of these conditions, and how to refer clients to professionals who can do professional diagnosing and treatment
  • To provide course materials in binders and books, with prayers, references, website addresses, and leads to where more information on subjects can be found, to be used during the Internship and kept by Interns for future use

Who Should Attend this Internship Program?
This school is for any Christian layman, pastor, leader, counselor, or therapist, who has graduated both Elijah House Basic 1 and Basic 2 Schools. Applicants need to have dealt with their own issues sufficiently that they feel ready and called by God to be trained in Prayer Counseling ministry, preparing themselves to serve others.

What Can I Expect From This Internship Program?
This Internship Program will help you become more familiar with the scriptural, God-given laws that affect all of life and how our lives break and hurt when these laws are violated or broken. This helps you to understand your own true condition and the condition of those you minister to, that we are all totally lost and helpless to fix ourselves. This understanding will help you determine the present, painful, bad fruit better and then how to track from this bad fruit to the original bad root. You then will receive more training on how to appropriate the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and apply prayer counseling ministry to the root problems of your client’s situation. You will learn how to become a better listener, truly hearing your client with your heart, feeling their pain and identifying with them, hearing/feeling the Holy Spirit’s leading and how to grow sensitive to Him and follow His leading. He wants to equip you with greater vision and hope for the future…to take you into a deeper, more exciting and fulfilling love relationship with Him…and to prepare, empower, and release you into a stronger anointing to minister to others more effectively.

You can expect to be challenged and stretched, to gain understanding, be given principles of healing, and start to understand how to flow with the Holy Spirit’s healing process. Because we are dealing with the hearts of people, the internship can, at times, be very intense. Personal responses to teachings and small group interaction may include, but are certainly not limited to, some of the following: expression of anger, prejudices and resentments; apprehension; anxiety; insomnia; depression; dissociation; etc. Because of time restraints and group process, all of your personal life issues will not be dealt with during the course of the Internship, but some healing will happen. This is a life long process. We simply give you the tools to further your healing, restore your relationships, and minister to others. Many seek further ministry once the internship is complete. If you feel there are already significant life issues that need to be addressed, it is advisable and always beneficial to seek more prayer counseling ministry prior to your enrollment in the Internship.

Internship Brochure (PDF)

Internship Schedule (PDF)


Over 100 different topics touched on Some topics will be touched on more deeply than others. Below you will find some topical categories, listed in alphabetical order, in an attempt to give you an overview of the topics covered in this program. These are briefs and some topics will overlap.

Abuse Topics
There will be times as a prayer counselor you will recognize the signs of emotional, physical, sexual or spiritual abuse in a client’s life. It will be important for you to know how to approach the topic in a wise and careful way.

Addiction Topics
?Alcohol, drugs, sex, porn, gambling, compulsive talking, TV, and religion are some of the many things to which people get addicted. How do we as prayer counselors minister to addicts?

Administrational Topics ?
We will share some of how Freedom House has chosen to structure our ministry and some alternative ways we know of to administrate and facilitate prayer counseling ministry.

Anger Topics ?
Learn how to discern and recognize anger, internal or external, how it is a secondary emotion, what are the first emotions, and what triggered these emotions. Learn not just how to control anger, but how to get to the root of it, and how to minister to that root in the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Children’s Topics ?
We know that many of our clients’ current issues, the bad fruit in their lives, have their origins in childhood experiences, judgments and hardening of their hearts. Occasionally we get the privilege to minister to a child or a young person, and we need to be aware of the unique sensitivities we need to bring to this honor.

Control Topics
People will do almost anything to feel safe, and attempts to control circumstances, families, marriages, money, etc. are very common ways to create environments of safety, often perceived safety. But those being controlled normally do not like this, feeling confined and restricted, producing serious conflicts.

Conviction Topics
?Everybody needs to be heard, to be respected for their convictions. This need is at the core of every human being. So one of our most important callings in prayer counseling ministry is to listen to and hear our clients’ stories, hearts, pain and suffering. This is vital to building trust and earning the right to speak into someone life.

Dreams and Symbols Topics
Dream interpretation, helping a client to understand visions, prophetic words and discerning what the Father is saying in situations, is a very helpful thing, and at times you may be called to do so. So you will be introduced to some helpful resources on the subject.

Emotional Topics
What are emotions, where do they come from and why are they here? How do we deal with painful emotions? What do we do when a client says they don’t have emotions, or are not in touch with their emotions?

Family Topics ?
Father God created the family as the ideal place to provide a healthy and good environment for marriage, children and relationships to thrive and prosper, to be a place of safety, nurture and training. This has not been most of our experience and we have had few good role models, with devastating consequences.

Father Topics ?
All of us have earthly father issues, even if we had good fathers. Most have some painful memories, distrust, unmeet needs, or abuse. We have all been hurt by our father’s passivity, control, harshness, drinking, or some other issue. We all have father wounds to address and so do all our clients.

Fear Topics ?
Fear, anxiety and phobias are real painful and debilitating thoughts and emotions that inhibit the flourishing of a healthy life. What are some causes and common roots?

Freedom House
Topics We will tell you the history, call, vision, mission and mandates of Freedom House, how the Father prepares leaders, and what He is trying to develop within an individual to build a ministry of prayer counseling.

Gospel Topics ?
As prayer counselors we need to continually nurture our own intimacy with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the only true God. We need to become very familiar with the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a personal way, engaging with its reality on a regular basis in our own life.

Kingdom Topics ?
The Kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. How do we enter into a Kingdom way of life, and how do we minister to our clients to help them to remove hindrances that stand in the way of entering this Kingdom life?

Legal Topics ?
We live in a country with laws, rules, and regulations, and it is important that we, as prayer ministers, know which ones apply to a prayer counseling ministry. We need legal wisdom and counsel to protect ourselves from lawsuits and unnecessary mistakes as much as possible, without compromising God’s laws and directives.

Marriage Topics ?
You will learn how to listen to the hearts of your clients, the married couple, and by the knowledge of how God made us and the Holy Spirit’s coaching, find the root issues. The pile of accumulated, unresolved issues can be addressed and removed.

Mother Topics?
We all have had mothers and their impact on our lives is profound. Even if we had good mothers, most of us have some painful memories, distrust, unmeet needs, or abuse in our relationships with our mothers. We all have mother wounds to address and so do all our clients.

Needs Topics ?
We are all created needy, with legitimate, important needs that have to be met or we may be maimed for life. Most, if not all of us, have been affected by our unmet needs which have caused hurt, pain, fear and shame, leading to anger. As prayer counselors we are often called on to help remove obstacles in the way for clients to be able to receive what has already been provided.

Psychological Topics ?
ADD and ADHD, Dissociative Identity Disorder, Bi- Polar, Borderline Personality Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, Phobias, Memory Gaps, Reactive Attachment Disorder, Narcissism, Passive Aggressiveness, Schizophrenia, Symbiosis, Trauma A and B, will be introduced for you to be aware of your own limitations, and to know when to refer clients out to professionals.

Scriptural Topics ?
We believe the Bible to be the inspired and only, infallible, authoritative Word of God. We are people of the Word and the Spirit, and give focus and attention to both, growing in relationship to both. We love Him and we love His Word. The Bible holds the final authority as to truth, both the non-negotiable and the negotiable.

Sexual Topics ?
We live in a super-charged, sexualized society, full of sexual brokenness, pain and betrayal. We believe the Father provides a healthy view of sex and what it means to be a healthy, sexual person, He wants to restore us, as whole sexual human beings who can yet again enjoy holy sex.

Skills Topics ?
You will learn how to continue to improve your knowledge base and grow in the skills needed as a prayer counselor.



This is another way to share with you topics that will be touched on in the Internship program. Again, some topics will be covered more completely than others, some getting hours of attention through teaching, Q & A, and group discussions, others will have mini-teachings and some discussion, while others will be just briefly mentioned. There also will be materiel on other topics included for you to read on your own at a later date. The Topic Words List is in alphabetical order, not in order of importance.
Internship Topics List (PDF)


Total Cost Below Includes (an example from our March 2014 Internship):

Single or double room at The French Country Inn, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Including a hot breakfast, late lunch (dinner not included), and six curriculum folders, CDs, DVDs, books, tuition and facilitators fee. Plus, all related Freedom House expenses. A free will offering for the Facilitators will be requested at the end of the training.

Double occupancy-5 nights: $1,250
Double occupancy-6 nights: $1,298

Single occupancy-5 nights: $1,478
Single occupancy-6 nights: $1,570

-Late registrations after the deadline date will incur an additional $50 fee. NO EXCEPTIONS.
-Please return this application and references with either 100% or at least 75% of your payment no later than the deadline date.
-The 25% balance is due the first day of the Internship.

Internship Registration

INTERNSHIP APPLICATION FORM Registration Deadline will be determined when the next training will start.


Freedom House Ministry
(Please put ‘Internship’ on memo line)


Freedom House Ministries
c/o 3217 S. Scoville Ave.
Berwyn, IL 60402



The French Country Inn (Location we used in 2014)
W4190 West End Road
Lake Geneva, WI 53147
[ map ]

Email Mari Anne Andersen at:


1 Week – 6 Intense Days
The French Country Inn
W4190 West End Road
Lake Geneva, WI 53147
[ map ]

We have been blessed with the beautiful facility of
The French Country Inn, located on Lake Como just west of downtown Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

Conveniently located 80 miles north of downtown Chicago and 67 miles north of O’Hare Airport.

All registrations and room reservations are made through ‘Freedom House’.


Daily Schedule

1 Week – 6 Intense Days

8:00 am – 5:30 pm

••• Live Lectures, Teachings, Demonstrations, Media and Story Examples by Tommy and Mari Anne ?

••• Worship, Special Music, Hearing from God and Sensitivity to The Holy Spirit?

••• Q & A time with Tommy and Mari Anne, time to pick their brains and glean from their years of experience

••• Small Group Discussions, Brain Storming, and Prayer Responses?

••• Prayer Ministry Practicums on each other

••• Lunch Break (1.5 hr)

Weekly Schedule

1 Week – 6 Intense Days

(New dates put up when next Internship is planed)

MARCH 24–29, 2014
Monday, March 24, 2014
Tuesday, March 25, 2014
Wednesday, March 26, 2014
Thursday, March 27, 2014
Friday, March 28, 2014
Saturday, March 29, 2014
Saturday, June 7, 2014
Graduation Day Celebration with Course 201 and Course 202 Schools.




• Notebook and Text Books from Basic 1 and
Basic 2 Schools will be referred to.

• 6 Resource Binders put together by FHM

• 25 RBC Booklets

• 80 Articles

• 26 Self Diagnostic Tools

• 54 Prayers

• 90 URL Internet addresses for further study

• 100 + Resource Pages and Client Handouts

Some materials used and/or referred to in the Internship Program are from the following people:

June Hunt
Neil T. Anderson
Ed M. Smith
John and Paula Sandford
Mark Sandford
Sandra Selmer
Jack Winter
Jack Frost
Dr. Grant Mullen
Dallas Willard
Chuck Miller
Richard Cohen
Les Carter
Frank Minirth
Bob Sorge
Cecil Murphy
Gina Pera
Dany Silk
Arthur Burk
Kevin J. Conner
Frank Damazio
Mark Chirona
Christopher West
John Paul Jackson
James W. Goll
Joe Ibojie
Bruce Wilkerson
John Eldredge
Richard J. Foster
Ruth Haley Barton
Graham Cooke
W. Brad Johnson
William L. Johnson
David Jeremiah
Henry Cloud
Ivan and Isabel Allum
Bill Gothard
Gary Smalley
Norman Wright
Melissa Orlov
Edward M. Hollowell
Mark Sandford
Rose Marie Borelli
Mari Anne Andersen
Tommy Andersen

and many more