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What People are Saying

  • My Prayer Counseling session was very powerful and eye-opening.
  • “I highly recommend this ministry and giftings - not only in counseling but as powerful ministers of God's word.”
    Rev. Christian Brochu
  • “When I have really difficult and deep rooted issues with people in my church, Freedom House are the first once I recommend”
    Senior Pastor Pat Peglow
  • All I can say is I am undone (which is hard to do) with my prophetic message. It is the most personal word I have ever heard from anyone in my life.
  • “We recommend this ministry without reservation.”
    Lead Pastors Ken & Chrystal Hansen
  • “In Freedom House’s training program, I learned more about Christian ministry of healing than I did in formal seminary training.”
    Pastor Carol Soderholm
  • “I'm truly thankful for Freedom House...and will continue to recommend them to any believer”
    Pastor Jose Oyola
  • “Freedom House has been a powerful tool that God has used to set many people free.”
    Grant Mullen M.D.
  • I and my board have seen many set free after receiving this ministry through them at Freedom House.  I recommend this ministry
    Rev. Carolyn Aiello
  • “They are people of high character and complete integrity, and they model a servant’s heart.”
    Senior Pastor Dave Frederick
  • “Freedom House Ministries, exemplifies honesty, integrity and a genuine and loving heart.”
    Pastor Kristine Toyne
  • “I do not have sufficient words to say of a unique contribution and foundation, Tommy and Mari Anne's ministry have on especially those of us in daily active ministry!”
    Pastors Raphael and Allen Kajjubi
  • “Attunement with God has always served them well and has been a beacon to the many persons who come to receive ministry from them.”
    Mark Sandford, Spiritual Director
  • “I have been aware of Freedom House for many Years, and I have seen many men and women healed and set free from deep wounds of the past go forward to fulfill their destiny and dreams.”
    Pastor Paulette Horvath
  • “I cannot overstate the impact Freedom House have had on hundreds of people from all walks of life”
    Pastor Wayne E. Fife
  • “We have been deeply moved by how diligently they go before the Lord in prayer and listening to Him before they come to minister.”
    Pastor Paul and Debbie Phillips

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