The Empire Strikes Back: May the True Force be with You in 2017

May the Force be with you…

…as we enter into a new galaxy in 2017. The Force of goodness that pursues and runs after truth, wisdom and honesty. The Force of goodness that promotes peace, justice, and godliness. The Force of goodness which releases insight, virtue, and common sense in which glory will accompany us on the road of righteousness and right standing. The Force who created all things. The Force that surrounds us and binds all the galaxies together.

As I was praying and seeking God’s word for 2017, I immediately heard the Lord say, “The Empire Strikes Back.” Now I need to explain that I have never seen any of the Star Wars movies! I’m almost 60 years old and have never been intrigued or interested in watching any of these movies. However, being that the Lord spoke this word to me (much to my opposition to sci-fi) I realized that I needed to watch The Empire Strikes Back. Many of you know, Star Wars is about the epic battle of good versus evil using lightsabers and laserblasters, as well as training in the way of the Jedi, with Luke Skywalker. In The Empire Strikes Back, Luke goes in search of the best of the best, Master Yoda, for his training

Luke encounters the Master Yoda and Luke is trying to use the Force to raise his Starfighter, (Luke’s ship) which he does at first, but then fails. Luke states, “I can’t believe it.” Yoda replies, “That is why you fail.” “I can’t. It’s too big. Hear Yoda’s response: “Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size, do you? Hmm. Hmph! And well you should not for my ally is the Force. And a powerful ally it is. Life creates it, makes it grow. Its energy surrounds us, binds us. You must feel the Force around you – here, between you and me, the tree, the rock, everywhere! Yes! Even between land and the ship. As Luke walks away, he says, “You want the impossible” – “I don’t …I don’t believe.”

Very interesting because what Yoda is saying is how important belief is for action. When Luke didn’t believe he could raise his ship, he indeed could not. When Yoda did believe, he could! Luke doubted, and as a result failed. This comes right down to “faith vs. doubt” and how it affects our ability to do incredible things for God.

Let’s see what Jesus has to say in Matthew 17:19-20:

“Then the disciples came to Jesus privately and said, “Why could we not drive it out?” And He said to them, “Because of the littleness of your faith; for truly I say to you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible to you.” (NASB)

If it is God’s will – then nothing will be impossible for you (Luke 1:37).

New in 2017

With that being said, this is what I sense the Father is saying as we all enter a “New Galaxy—a New Sphere, in 2017—no longer just routine as usual.” No, indeed it’s a year of embarking into new ways of thinking, new ways of investing time, money, and energy. It’s a new year of moving into new places that will cause you to depend heavily and mightily on the true Force—The Master Creator, Father God, and Comforter, His Holy Spirit—in leading you into new galaxies and new frontiers. There will be no “random” connections, only “divine” realities, no “intruding” invaders but friendly interveners.

Moreover, this year is going to be a year that will release a new enlightenment in your walk with the Lord. Revelations will be released in quantum and dramatic ways, great challenges with great encounters in order for us to enter into new “galaxies” which will shift your territories. Father is saying this is the year, the time to learn, grow, and seek out intentionally and purposefully in being trained by the best of the best—the Master—The Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is encouraging YOU to accept your destiny, to discover your ultimate fate, which will center on the importance of choosing allegiances and loyalties in the only one true God. Seek out His wisdom, His Spirit for it’s His wisdom and Spirit that is calling out to you.

This is Wisdom calling out and asking YOU to listen carefully:

“Now then, my children, listen to me;
blessed are those who keep my ways.
33 Listen to my instruction and be wise;
do not disregard it.
34 Blessed are those who listen to me,
watching daily at my doors,
waiting at my doorway.
35 For those who find me find life
and receive favor from the Lord. (Proverbs 8:32-35 NIV)

Where is your allegiance?

We need to ask ourselves: Where does my allegiance and loyalty lie? Does my allegiance lie in my own understandings? Does it lie with the Republicans or Democrats? Does my allegiance lie with my bank account or my job? Does it lie in some false worldly Force? If it does lie with any of those, then for sure you will have doubt just like Luke Skywalker did.

Being it’s a New Year, and in some ways a new country with new political leaders, we are all at a new crossing in our life. We all stand at the brink of a fresh life, ready to start new beginnings in 2017, not just following the same old routines. Or are we standing at the ruins of life, knowing we have to start over? For some we are ready to build or perhaps to rebuild. But where do we start with a new beginning, with building, or rebuilding?   Someone has to be there to assist us in putting it all together in 2017, in the right order, in the right way, at the right time, in the right direction or else a year from now we will end up back at the same spot!

Just as Yoda was there to assist and guide Luke, there is one that is waiting, ready, and willing to assist you in this new galaxy in 2017 – THE HOLY SPIRIT! He is THE ONLY One who can empower, enable, enlighten, endow, enforce, enlarge, enhance, emancipate, and enrich YOU and YOUR life with divine wisdom and biblical blueprints in living in this New Year and in your mission in the New Galaxy in 2017. We all have new missions and adventures to explore and to step into. There will be major choices and decisions that you will need to take action on. You will not have the luxury of waiting and pondering; you will need to know what the Spirit is saying then and there. God has commissioned you and you have a mission with which to interact. Our allegiance and loyalty must lie with Him.

However, tensions will come as they did with Luke, who felt he was strong enough to defeat the enemy when he met him. If there is hatred, bitterness, resentments, envy, or pride lurking and lingering in your heart, you will move into areas alone as Luke did. Luke’s own battle grows within himself as he flirts with the “dark side” and escaping responsibility in the name of good. Thus, Luke became the very enemy he sought to destroy. Luke is no longer just a hero seeking to thwart evil; he is in danger of becoming evil himself.

The Spirit of Wisdom

Father is saying: Stop flirting with your pet sins, stop rehearsing your pain, stop enjoying your pity parties, and stop endangering yourself and those around you. Open your eyes so you can step into the Light. Drop your laserblasters—your self-protections—and pick up the sword of truth, the Word of God, and see what Wisdom says from the Spirit of the Living God. Read, listen, and study His blueprints and as you do that, your life will result in a beautifully built life, and not just a scrap heap of so many warped days and weathered years.

Father God’s Spirit of Wisdom is saying:

“I am Lady Wisdom, and I live next to Sanity;
Knowledge and Discretion live just down the street.
The Fear-of-God means hating Evil,
whose ways I hate with a passion—
pride and arrogance and crooked talk.
Good counsel and common sense are my characteristics;
I am both Insight and the Virtue to live it out.
With my help, leaders rule,
and lawmakers legislate fairly;
With my help, governors govern,
along with all in legitimate authority.
I love those who love me;
those who look for me find me.
Wealth and Glory accompany me—
also substantial Honor and a Good Name.
My benefits are worth more than a big salary, even a very big salary;
the returns on me exceed any imaginable bonus.
You can find me on Righteous Road—that’s where I walk—
at the intersection of Justice Avenue,
Handing out life to those who love me,
filling their arms with life—armloads of life!” (Proverbs 8:12-21 MSG)

Father God’s Spirit of Wisdom is a Master Worker shaping something beautiful in your life out of raw materials day by day. Day after day the Spirit of the Living God is joyfully applauding and affirming you to place your faith and trust in His Company and to delight and celebrate in His truths and ways. This is the year that the Holy Spirit wants you to strategically and purposefully abandon yourself into His ways, into His heart and life, so you will know and see that life is not an awful problem filled with doubt and uncertainty but a playful adventure to be lived with Him—the Master Worker and Creator.

Please pray with me:

Father God, Master Creator, and Giver of truth, I thank You that you didn’t leave me alone to sort out things in my life without instructions or without someone to come alongside to help me put everything together. Sweet Holy Spirit, I embrace more of You in my every waking and sleeping moments and thank You for all the ways You help me turn the blueprints for my life into a beautiful well-built building, sturdy and strong and sure.

Thank You, Holy Spirit, that I am a work in progress and that You are overseeing all the ins and outs of my life from every minor detail to every major one in every stage and step. You, Holy Spirit, are my firm foundation, and I can rest in You because You have my very best in Your hands for 2017. Thank You, Holy Spirit, that You are the TRUE and ONE and ONLY Force that is with me leading me and guiding me into all good things in this New Year.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

– Mari Anne Andersen


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