Her Passion:

It’s in Mari Anne Andersen’s DNA to see you live out your true purpose, design, and destiny for which the Father created you. She would love to see you flourish into being a voice and not just an echo, walking in confidence, assurance, and abundance of freedom. She loves being at “ground zero” of your healing and getting to walk alongside you, as your transformation springs up from ashes to beauty.  It’s that nurturing side of her mother’s heart, wanting to see sons and daughters in the Body of Christ take their rightful place in the Kingdom of God.

Her Mission Statement:

Out of genuine love and desire for people’s freedom, she lives to uncover the hidden treasure in your heart, which is waiting to be released and unleashed for service in God’s Kingdom.

Her Specialties:

Mari Anne is gifted in releasing a mother’s healing love, comforting the broken-heartened and the wounded. She has worked with many sexual abuse victims, from children through adults, setting them free from the hurt, pain, and lies of their past. She also has a strong anointing for working with women who have been in domestic, as well as emotionally abusive relationships. Through her prophetic gift, many prophecies and prophetic words have been tested and tried and many people have seen fruitfulness in their lives when they were not able to find answers elsewhere. She is gifted with bringing you to a place where you can live from the heart that Jesus gave you.

She is further specialized and effective with the following issues and core problems: alcohol and drug addiction, depression, fear and phobias, grief and loss, sexual abuse, domestic abuse, sexual identity, co-dependency, marital intervention, divorce recovery, mood disorders, temperament discovery, and trauma recovery.

Her Roots:

Mari Anne was saved and spirit-filled early in her teen-age years, already knowing she had a fervent call to serve God. She was introduced to the prayer counseling ministry through her mother, Rose Marie Borrelli, who is the founder of Freedom House Ministries (FHM). Born and raised a true Chicagoan, along with being a passionate and fiery Italian, she developed a spunky disposition to share the Gospel without compromise or without holding back. As Mari Anne likes to say, I have clout with my “God-Father!” He has given her great favor and goodwill to reach many people with a true, genuine heart of love.

Her Background:

Mari Anne, as the Co-Director of FHM, has been involved for over 25 years in various levels of church leadership and church ministry beginning with founding Family Christian Fellowship School for ages K-5 and high school. In more recent years, she has directed and taught Prayer Counseling and Prophetic Schools, and also trained lay and ministerial pastors and professionals in the ministry of Prayer Counseling, while she continues her own practice of prayer counseling. One of her greatest delights is the privilege of working with many different denominations, churches, and ministries, helping the Body of Christ restore broken relationships and bring healing to the hurting and wounded. Furthermore, her work and gifts include writing, along with hosting conferences, seminars, workshops, and retreats.

Her Training:

She has been trained and mentored by Day Star Ministries and Elijah House. What makes her unique is her genuine love and desire for your freedom.  As Trisha Frost, of Shiloh Place Ministries, says: The world is looking for a place of comfort and value.  Two minutes in Mari Anne’s presence causes you to believe that you are worth a million dollars. I’ve, on several occasions, walked away feeling the sense of peace and comfort in the midst of crisis. I recommend her highly. BTW I am honored to call her my friend.

Her Family:

Mari Anne and her husband of over 30-years, Tommy, are Co-directors and Prayer Counselors of FHM. They have three adult children, a wonderful son-in-law, two young delightful grandsons, and her fluffy, pet dog Giovanni.

Mari Anne Provides the Following Prayer Counseling Sessions:

  • Two hours at a time, or more upon request.
    • Online by Skype or FaceTime.
    • In her home office in Berwyn, Illinois.
  • A week intensive, consisting of 6-hours of Prayer Counseling each day, over 3 days, 18-hours in total. E-mail Freedom House to request details regarding this option.



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