Mark & MaureenElijah House Spiritual Director & Teacher Mark Sandford and his wife Maureen will be with us, and he will teach about 9 of the lessons. His Dad, John Sandford, will be teaching 4 of the 15 lessons by way of DVD’s. Mark and Maureen live the prophetic lifestyle where a personal relationship with God is the way they walk out their every day spiritual walk, taking time to pray and listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying. They have many wonderful stories of how the Lord warned , lead, and directed them. Mark, as the Spiritual Director of Elijah House Ministry, brings wisdom, and as a theologian, brings very insightful historical perspectives to these prophetic topics.

Neal LetteneyPastor & Worship Leader at New Day Church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Neal Letteney will be leading worship. He previously served other congregations as Associate Pastor and Director of Music & Worship Arts. Together with his wife Sherry, Neal spent many years in volunteer prison ministry. They were members of the critically-acclaimed professional Christian band, BlueGrace, with whom they opened for nationally-known artists like Randy Travis, Josh Turner, and others.


Andersens_8326BIt is a great honor for Tommy & Mari Anne Andersen, on behalf of  Freedom House, to facilitate this high quality Prophetic School. Tommy and Mari Anne work together as a team in the ministry, directing, teaching, preaching, and counseling. They flow together in the Holy Spirit with tenderness and a strong touch of the Father’s love and heart. Their prophetic anointing brings freedom and healing to many lives.

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Prophetic School Student Application (PDF) Must be received by March 18, 2016 (to avoid a late fee).


Vision and Purpose for The Prophetic School

The Prophetic School has been a long-time vision and dream of John Sandford. Birthed in 2005, The Prophetic School began according to God’s timing. The purpose of this school is to help re-establish the proper function of the office of the prophet, as well as the prophetic in general, and its place within the Church. An element unique to Elijah House’s message is the importance of prophetic people being healed of their own woundedness, as this can negatively affect how they hear God and carry out His will. Much of what John teaches is drawn from his books such as The Elijah Task, Healing the Nations, and Elijah Among Us. John’s son, Mark Sandford, through his years of experience in healing ministry has also developed several topics that bring deeper insight to the common wounds found particularly in prophetic people and how to bring healing.

Speakers are: Mark Sandford live and John Sandford by DVD video.

What People Are Saying About The Elijah House Prophetic School

“I thought all the teachings were clear and concise and gave people a much more rounded view of what a prophet is and does. It is much more clear in my mind. Anyone who has prophetic gifting, or works with those who do, would benefit greatly from this school.” 

“I loved the no-fluff content! Thank you for the blessing of balance, patience for the right timing, and trust in God to do the ‘Stuff’ and not force it to happen. Of course, the fact that John and Mark have lived this and have so many appropriate stories and experiences brings it to life off the page. Thank you for the impartation and personal ministry.” 

“Very affirming and enlightening. Mostly solid, biblical foundation.” 

“The teachings were great. Having personal stories and humor added greatly. The whole experience was a tremendous blessing. Praise God that this thirty-one year dream has been fulfilled.” 

“It was a tremendous blessing to be here. Thank you, John and Mark and EH staff – very healing experience as well.”

School Goals

••• To provide a safe setting for learning and from that place, to understand the place for the prophetic office in today’s church

••• To provide a Scriptural foundation for Christ-centered Prophetic Ministry

••• To offer students the opportunity to experience personal healing, encouragement, and release through small group ministry from their peers and trained Freedom House staff

••• To teach, model, and provide opportunity to practice ministry to one another according to the Word of God and in the power and sensitivity of Christ through the Holy Spirit

Who Should Attend the School?

This school is for any Christian man or woman who is seeking biblical understanding and perspective on the place of the prophetic gifts, anointing, and office in the Church today. Any person desiring to grow in their own prophetic call and gifting, wanting to move further into their destiny, would greatly benefit. This school is very helpful for Pastors, Christian Leaders, or Counselors who are pastoring, mentoring, or caring for prophetic people.

What Can I Expect From This Course?

This school will help you discover Scriptural answers to many searching questions we all have about the prophetic call, life, ministry, and office. You will learn what place the prophetic is to have in our churches and congregations.

As a prophetic person, have you ever wondered why you think, feel, speak, and act the way you do? Have you ever wondered why things happen in your life and relationships the way they do, and why God allows certain things to happen? Jesus desires to bring you into wholeness through true change, and He wants to break through strongholds in your life. He wants to equip you with greater vision and hope for your prophetic future…to take you into a deeper, more exciting and fulfilling love relationship with Him…and to prepare, empower, and release you into a fresh prophetic anointing to minister the Father’s love to others.

With each lesson, you will gain understanding, be given principles of the prophetic calling, and begin the healing and releasing processes. Because we are dealing with the hearts of prophetic people, the school can, at times, be very intense. Personal responses to teaching and small group interaction may include, but certainly are not limited to: expressions of anger, prejudices and resentments; apprehension; anxiety; insomnia; depression; dissociation; etc. Because of time restraints and group process, all of your personal life and prophetic issues will not be dealt with during the course of the school, but some healing and prophetic release will happen. Developing the prophetic gifts and entering into the prophetic office is a life-long process. We simply give you the tools to further your healing, restore your relationships, and minister more prophetically to others. Many seek further ministry once the school is complete. If you feel there are already significant life issues that need to be addressed, prayer ministry or counseling prior to your enrollment in the school is advisable and always beneficial.


Prophetic Brochure (PDF)

Prophetic School 2016 – Event Flyer (Print out and share with friends)

Prophetic School Schedule 2016

PROPHETIC SCHOOL – Curriculum Lesson Briefs

DAY #1

••• Functions of the Prophetic – Lesson #1
Prophets have many functions. In this lesson, we will look at ways the prophet upbuilds, protects, reproves and guides individuals, churches and nations, noting that the character of Christ is the foremost criterion for judging a true prophet. Taught by John L. Sandford

••• Hearing and Proclaiming from a Christian Paradigm – Lesson #2
As opposed to other religions, Christianity’s distinctive paradigm is that Christ came in the flesh. This lesson will explore the difference this makes when it comes to learning to hear God. Taught by Mark Sandford

••• Direct verses Dark Speech – Lesson #3
God often speaks through “dark speech.” This lesson will explore the implications of that, both for the giver of the word and the one receiving it. Understanding the multiple meanings of symbols will help us better understand what God is saying. Taught by Mark Sandford

DAY #2

••• Training Through Hardship – Lesson #4
The training of prophetic people is not just academic. In this lesson, we will look at character-building through hardship. Many go through difficult struggles, including the “dark night of the soul” and/or the “dark night of the spirit,” and struggle to understand why God is putting them through this. Taught by Mark Sandford

••• Reasons Why God Crushes – Lesson #5
This lesson carries on from the previous one, giving reasons why the “dark night” and other hardships are necessary for the training of prophetic people. Taught by John L. Sandford

••• Interpreting Dreams and Visions – Lesson #6
Have you ever had a dream or vision and wondered if it had significance? In this lesson, we will look at how God uses dreams and visions to speak to us. Taught by Mark Sandford

DAY #3

••• Call of the Prophet – Lesson #7
In this lesson, we will look at different ways prophets (or prophetic people) are called by God, and what it means in their lives. We will learn the difference between the office of the prophet and the gift of prophesy, as well as how to recognize our calling. Taught by John L. Sandford

••• We Know In Part and We Prophesy In Part – Lesson #8
The most common mistake prophetic people make is that they perceive in part, but think they have the entire picture. When they act upon that limited perspective, harm is done. Issues that stem from childhood incline us toward this mistake. Inner healing will keep us from using our gift in a harmful way, and keep us from giving demons a foothold. Taught by Mark Sandford

••• Prophetic Burden Bearing – Lesson #9
Prophetic people have a temperament that causes them to pick up others’ emotional burdens from the earliest age. Inner healing can make this a blessing, not a heavy yoke, by helping us deal with the kinds of issues that keep us from releasing those burdens to God in prayer. Taught by Mark Sandford

DAY #4

••• Healing the Effects of Occult Involvement – Lesson #10
Because they are naturally spiritually sensitive and tend to come from spiritually sensitive family lines, many prophetic people and/or their ancestors have experimented with the occult. In this lesson, we will review the many negative consequences, and how to pray for healing, cleansing, and hiding in God’s protection. Taught by Mark Sandford

••• Healing Land and Home – Lesson #11
From the time of Adam and Eve, our sins have polluted the land. This lesson will explore the consequences, how we can pray to release the earth around us from its bondage to decay, and the blessings we receive in return. Taught by Mark Sandford

DAY #5

••• Handling False Prophecies  – Lesson #12
Some Christians believe that one mistake forever disqualifies a prophetic person. Others fail to test prophecies, and blindly follow erring prophetic voices. This lesson will address both extremes, as well as how to deal with false prophecies and how to bring loving discipline and restoration to those who err. Taught by Mark Sandford

••• Prophetic Intercession – Lesson #13
In this lesson, we will look at what intercessory prayer is and what makes it different from other kinds of prayer. We will also look at how to pray prophetically for individuals, groups, and nations. Taught by John L. Sandford



••• History and Functions – Part 1 – Lesson #14
This lesson traces the history of the prophetic office from Old Testament times to its foundational role in establishing the Church, and looks at different ways God continues to use His prophets and prophetic people today. Found in the Prophetic School Manual.

••• History and Functions – Part 2 – Lesson #15
In this lesson, we will learn how the prophetic role has developed throughout history, gradually progressing from stern discipline to the foretelling of divine mercy and salvation. We will see how God has revealed His character and purposes through the prophets, and the very important ways in which the administration of this gift has changed in New Testament times. Found in the Prophetic School Manual.

••• Understanding Docetic Influences – Lesson #16
In this lesson, we will look at two diametrically opposed worldviews that have influenced Western society and culture, and explore their origins. In preparation for prophetic ministry, we will learn the importance of ferreting out the ways docetic influence has infiltrated our hearts and minds. Found in the Prophetic School Manual.

••• Healing Prophetic People – Lesson #17
In this lesson, we will look at relational difficulties most common to persons with a prophetic temperament. We will look at the different ways they have been affected by sinful reactions to childhood wounding, and how they play out in ministry. Found in the Prophetic School Manual.

••• How The Five-Fold Ministry Should Work Together – Lesson #18
How should prophets (and prophetic people) work with apostles, evangelists, pastors, and teachers? This lesson will explore one five-fold office at a time. Found in the Prophetic School Manual.

••• Prophetic Warfare – Lesson #19
In this lesson, we will learn the purposes of spiritual warfare and how to know when to enter the fight. We will learn some of the theological errors in our understanding of spiritual warfare. We will look at the situations where warfare is necessary, and how to recognize what might wrongly or prematurely lure us into battle. Found in the Prophetic School Manual.


205 W North Ave
Carol Stream,  Illinois 60188
Phone # 630-681-9200
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Carol Stream is a suburb west of Chicago, about 1 hour from Down Town, the Loop, and about 35 minutes from Chicago O’Hare Airport.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
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The Prophetic School lessons will be held in the conference room in this Hotel. You may, or may not, stay at this Hotel during this 5-day school; it is your choice. If you choose to stay in this Hotel, it is up to you to make your own reservations and pay for your stay. Freedom House Ministry has its own tax-free, FLAT GROUP RATE of $92 per double room per night, so please ask for this. This rate includes a hot breakfast served from 6 am to 10 am each morning. They also allow dogs for no extra charge. Hilton Honors Members can earn points for their stay. You may arrive Monday March 28, 2016 and stay through to Sunday April 3, 2016 for this discounted price, or you may choose to stay just one or two nights. However, your reservations need to be made by Monday, March 7, 2016 to be guaranteed a room.  The rate will still be available after March 7, but a room cannot necessarily be guaranteed.  Make sure you contact the Hotel directly for all the details.


Submit the full payment or a minimum of 50% with all Application Forms no later than March 18, 2016. Late registrations will incur an additional $50 fee. The 50% balance is due the first day of the Prophetic School, Tuesday March 29, 2016


Prophetic School Student Application (PDF)

Submit the Full payment or a minimum of 50% – Thank you

Prophetic School, Student Cost


All costs are per person or per couple, and are fully inclusive of the following:  

• Elijah House’s Prophetic School Course Manual, 190+ pages

• Elijah House’s Prophetic School Tuition

• Speakers Mark & Maureen Sandford from Elijah House – travel, housing and meals

• Worship Leader  Neal Letteney from New Day Church – travel, housing and meals.

• Facilitators Tommy & Mari Anne Andersen from Freedom House – travel, housing and meals

• 5 days of daily continental breakfast and classroom snacks. (Lunch & Dinner, not included, are on your own. Local restaurants close to the venue.)

• Other Event Expenses: facility rental, audio and video help, handouts, prophetic resource lists, facilitator fee, all creative prophetic props for prophetic acts, prophetic words and, prophetic impartations

• A freewill offering for honorariums will be received at the end of the school.



(PayPal fee included – Full payment)

• $399 – full 5 days school charge
• $199.50 – 50% Registration Payment, with the second $199.50 – 50% due first day of school

Married Couples
• $798 – full 5 days school charge
• $399 – 50% Registration Payment, with the second $399 – 50% due first day of school


The balance may be paid by check, cash, or credit card. If applications and original payments are not received by March 18, 2016, a $50 late charge will be added to your cost. NO EXCEPTIONS


Freedom House Ministries


Freedom House Ministries
c/o 3217 S Scoville Ave
Berwyn, IL 60402

A free will offering for honorariums will be received at the end of the school.


Email Audrey Wachs at
Or phone her at: 708.656.3658




205 W North Ave
Carol Stream,  Illinois 60188

5 Days of Activations

5 Days of Enrichments

Tuesday, March 29
8:00 am – 5:30 pm
Wednesday, March 30
8:00 am – 5:30 pm
Thursday, March 31
8:00 am – 5:30 pm
Friday, April 1
8:00 am – 5:30 pm
Saturday, April 2
8:00 am – 5:30 pm

Daily Schedule
8:00 am – 5:30 pm

••• Live Lectures and video Lectures

••• Q & A after each lecture

••• Small Group discussions

••• Corporate Prophetic Activations

••• Individual Prophetic Activation

••• Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit’s leading

••• Delightful prophetic acts

Cost Includes:

• 5 days attendance

• A daily continental breakfast and class room snacks.

• Elijah House Prophetic School Course Manual

• Elijah House’s Prophetic School Tuition

• Ministers’ and Speakers’ travel, housing, and meal expenses

• All Event Facilitation Expenses




Recommended reading before you
attend this Prophetic School



The Elijah Task
A Call to Today’s Prophets
and Intercessors
By John and Paula Sandford

A balanced, practical, in-depth study of the office of prophet in the church and world today. The Holy Spirit has much for His son’s and daughters to accomplish in these final days…and there will be many challenges. It is time that Christians completely understand the prophets’ role, discipline, training, commissioning, and the heart needed of those prophets and intercessors called to fulfill the Elijah task.


Healing the Nations:
A Call to Global Intercession
By John Sandford

Best-selling author John Loren Sandford believes God’s people can make a difference in their families, communities, nation, and world. What will it take? In Healing the Nations, John says it will take mature sons and daughters willing to look beyond their own problems and embrace the hurting. We can all become burden-bearing intercessors whom God uses to heal the wounds of abuse, racial hatred, or the pain of ethnic cleansing. In his book, Sandford explains: how generational sin is passed down through families or nations, how to heal generational sin or addictions, Satan’s master plan and how to minimize its impact, seven rewards from burden-bearing, how to break free from individual or corporate mental strongholds, and keys to unlock revival in a nation.


Elijah Among Us
Understanding and Responding
to God’s Prophets Today
By John Sandford

Is the prophetic gifting for today?
If so, who does it involve and how does it work? In this sequel to John and Paula Sandford’s classic, The Elijah Task, John teaches about the history of prophesy and its biblical application for today. He shows those who have this extraordinary gift how to discharge the office properly, and he gives the Church a vision for God`s purpose in this ministry. You will gain crucial knowledge of a widely misunderstood gift, helping you to be discerning in these strategic end times.


Purifying the Prophetic
Breaking Free from the
Spirit of Self-Fulfillment
By Loren Sandford

The Western Church is slowly slipping away from her biblical moorings, warns prophetic pastor Loren Sandford. And by doing so she is sinking into a culture repelled by the demands of biblical truth. Genuine spiritual experience is being displaced by the need for ongoing excitement. Selfless life and ministry are shifting into a personal prosperity gospel. The prophetic voice too often caters to the perceived needs of the people. God planned a different culture for His people, explains Sandford, one that lives the message of Jesus and His cross. Join those who embrace a vision for cleansing the prophetic stream; who are rediscovering miracles, healings, and demonstrations of power; and who are rebuilding a firm foundation.

“An in-your-face, gut-checking, heart-wrenching, reality-based review of current prophetic paradigms that need serious adjusting. Be warned beforehand; reading this book could cause your blood pressure to rise.” John Paul Jackson “At last! A book that is truly prophetic!” — John Sandford


Understanding Prophetic People
Blessings and Problems
with the Prophetic Gift
By R. Loren Sandford

Help for the ones called to this extraordinary ministry and for those who want to minister to them. Prophetic pastor Loren Sandford delves into the mysteries of this office, including: * why prophets seem extreme and moody * how prophetic people hear from God * the difference between adrenaline and anointing * the four signs of a true prophet * how to pastor a prophetic person * how to recognize this gift in children Prophets can learn to step out of loneliness and isolation into balance and wholeness. As they grow in this unique calling, the Body of Christ will indeed be blessed.


Renewal in the Wilderness
By Loren Sandford

It has been said that the body of Christ is the only army in the world that shoots its wounded. This candid and honest book is aimed at the needs for people in stress. It flows from Loren’s own experience of stress and his struggle to deal with it. With deep sympathy he reveals the stages of woundedness, speaks with personal understanding of the experience and function for the wilderness, and plumbs the depths of the dark night of the soul. This is a true survival manual for wounded warriors, their counselors, and loved ones. This is a “must read” for anyone in ministry who is overwhelmed by any form of prolonged stress, burnout, and pain.