Her Passion:

It is Suzanne Owens’ deep passion to lift women up and out of the dark place where they are suffering and bring them to a place of God’s peace through prayer counseling ministry. She strongly believes that the counselors, the training, and the materials and healing approach used at Freedom House Ministry (FHM) are the very best, because they get to the actual root causes of a person’s pain, not merely changing their outward behavior, they are able to bring genuine healing and transformation.

Her Mission Statement:

Suzanne has a deep desire to serve people by bringing freedom, faith, and peace to women who are hurting and distressed, caught in their emotional and daily life struggles. Since she herself benefited from FHM ministry, as she was lifted up and out of the pit through this prayerful approach, she strives to bring this comfort, purpose, joy, and new life to others.

Her Specialties:

Suzanne loves seeing how God works with people! She fully believes that only God can bring about true change in your life, so she will never tire of hearing your victorious testimonies. Additionally, she knows that when women are trudging through the muck and mire of life, it can be very hard to have any sense of faith or peace. Suzanne has a heart for helping women caught in relationship issues. She is delighted to be invited to join you on your path towards personal and emotional freedom. She will meet you with empathy, respect, and unconditional love and support.

She would also be a blessing and effective with those struggling with these underlying issues or core problems: anxiety, fear, marital or couples counseling, and young adult issues.

Her Roots:

Always having a heart for prayer, Suzanne can remember having conversational prayers with God from a very young age. She further had discernment when God was showing or speaking to her heart about situations she or others were in even before being transformed by salvation. After being saved, through a great conversion experience, and filled with the Spirit, she has continually loved studying God’s Word throughout her life. While her daughters were in their teens, she was very involved with their youth ministry and their leaders, including going on overseas missions trips with them.

Her Background:

Suzanne Owens has been involved with FHM since 2007, first as a counselee, and then as a small group leader during the Basic I and II Facilitated Video Schools. She was involved in weekly teen groups who met in her home, a group leader with AWANA, and was a Sunday School teacher to 4-6 year olds. For several years, Suzanne was an intercessor, praying for racial reconciliation. She currently is a core group leader for women in Bible Study and a host for women’s prayer meetings. Suzanne is an account manager and customer service representative in her family owned and operated business.

Her Training:

She has successfully completed Elijah House Basic I and II Facilitated Video Schools for Prayer Ministry. Suzanne went on and was awarded a certificate of completion from FHM completing their Internship Program, covering 6-days intensive training and 25 hours of observation. Suzanne is also trained through Community Bible Study in two areas: Women’s Core Leader and Director of the Children’s program. Through her experience in being trained in a cardiac diagnostic and a medical assistant program, she became aware of her desire to help hurting people.

Her Family:

Suzanne is a recovered divorcee, through the grace of God, and has two utterly delightful adult daughters that continually inspire and humble her. She is so thankful to God just to be their mom. In her spare time, she loves cooking, entertaining, and hosting dinner gatherings. Suzanne also is a big fan of a good book (including cook books) and all kinds of music.

Suzanne Owens Provides the Following Prayer Counseling Sessions:

  • Two hours at a time, or more upon request.
    • Online by Skype or FaceTime.



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